01. The [drought] dried up all the farms, so there was very little food.
02. We've had a [drought] for a couple of months now, and there is talk of water restrictions.
03. Gardens in this area are in bad shape due to the [drought].
04. Our water bill was really high during the [drought] because we had to water our grass so often.
05. After 2 years of [drought], the people ran outside to dance and celebrate once it finally began to rain.
06. Thompson has been in a scoring [drought] for the last ten games.
07. [Drought] and famine in the region have cost thousands of lives.
08. We have a [drought] in this area most summers, and as a consequence, we're not allowed to wash our cars for a while.
09. Unless the government pays compensation for crops lost during the [drought], many farmers will lose their farms.
10. [Drought] conditions in this region have created a fire hazard in our forests.
11. Dwight Morrow once observed that any party which takes credit for the rain must not be surprised if its opponents blame it for the [drought].
12. A Chinese proverb observes that an old friend met in a far country is like rain after [drought].
13. There is a proverb in Malawi which says that one day of rain far surpasses a whole year of [drought].
14. There is a Dutch proverb which notes that after great [droughts] come great rains.
15. Severe food shortages caused by two years of [drought] may kill up to 300,000 people in southern Africa over the next six months.
16. Global warming is expected to worsen [droughts] in the future, resulting in severe food shortages.
17. The nation of Botswana has periodic [droughts] which make agriculture difficult.
18. Recent evidence suggests that the Mayan Empire in Mexico was destroyed by a [drought] that lasted over 100 years.

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